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Churchhand Privacy Statement

December 7, 2005

This statement discloses the privacy practices for the Churchhand website and service ( offered by Nine Oaks Technology, Inc. (Nine Oaks). If you have questions or concerns regarding this statement, you should contact Nine Oaks Technology by emailing and writing "Privacy Policy" in the subject line. You may also write to Nine Oaks Technology at 705 Sandpoint Road, Mead, OK 73449 or call (800) 318-6627.

At Nine Oaks, we want the people who use Churchhand to have the best possible experience. This means more than just providing compelling features and reliable service. It also means giving our users a sense of comfort with regard to their use of our service and the privacy of the information they share with us. To accomplish this goal, we have strict privacy policies designed to protect subscribers of Churchhand and everyone who visits our website.

Information We Collect
Churchhand is designed to foster communication and strengthen relationships within your church organization. In order to accomplish this, Churchhand collects and stores personal information as provided by you or someone within your organization. This information may include but is not limited to names, addresses, telephone numbers, and email addresses. This information may be shared among others within your organization, but will never be shared with anyone outside of your organization except as explained in the Disclosure of Information section below. Access to personal information within your organization is controlled with the use of login names, passwords and permission settings that are defined and managed by an administrator within your organization.

When you use Churchhand, Nine Oaks or third parties authorized by Nine Oaks may collect certain technical and routing information about your computer to facilitate your use of the service. For example, we may log environmental variables, such as browser type and the Internet Protocol ("IP") address of your computer. We use these environmental variables to monitor and track usage of the website and help us identify ways to improve the product. Nine Oaks also uses such environmental variables to measure traffic patterns on the website.

Disclosure of Information
Nine Oaks will not sell or disclose any personal information provided through Churchhand without your consent, except to comply with valid legal requirements such as a law, regulation, search warrant, subpoena or court order. In the event that we are legally compelled to disclose personal information to a third party, we will notify you unless doing so would violate the law or court order.

Nine Oaks employs third-party vendors who may have limited access to information provided through Churchhand. Services provided by these vendors may include website hosting, data storage and payment processing. Nine Oaks requires such vendors to maintain and protect the confidentiality of your information and agree not to use your information for their own purposes or disclose it to any other party.

Security and Encryption
Nine Oaks is dedicated to protecting the information provided through Churchhand.

Personal information is only displayed or entered inside a secure area of Churchhand. No one can access the secure area without proper login credentials which consist of a church code, a login id and an encrypted password. The church code uniquely identifies the church organization, and the login id uniquely identifies an individual within the organization. The password, which is always encrypted before storage or transmission, is known only to the individual and must meet certain requirements. The combination of unique church code, unique login id, and a non-trivial encrypted password provides considerable protection.

In addition to password protection, all personal information you provide is encrypted for transmission and must be accessed using the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption standard. You can tell that you are on a secure, encrypted page while browsing our site by looking at the lock icon on the bottom of your web browser and you can verify the validity of the secure conversation by double-clicking the lock icon.

Use of Cookies
Churchhand utilizes cookies to validate login access and user permissions. Cookies are small amounts of data that are transferred to your browser by a web server and stored on your hard drive. Cookies can only be read by the server that provided them and they cannot be used to execute malicious code or viruses. Churchhand does not use cookies to store any personally identifiable information or track your usage in any way. Most browsers allow you to disable the use of cookies, however, since Churchhand depends on cookies to ensure that valid login credentials have been provided, users choosing not to accept cookies will not be able to log into Churchhand.

When we will contact you
Nine Oaks will not use personal information provided through Churchhand to directly contact any person other than the person identified as the organization’s contact person.

Nine Oaks may directly contact individuals within an organization to facilitate resolution of trouble reports, inquires or suggestions, but only in response to requests initiated by the organization and only using contact information expressly provided for that purpose.

Occasionally, Nine Oaks may send email notices to the organization’s contact person. These notices may include product or service announcements, and surveys or questionnaires to solicit feedback to improve the product.

Nine Oaks may from time to time make changes to this policy statement. The current policy statement will be published online and the date of the most recent revision will always be included as part of the statement. The organization’s contact person will be notified via email when material changes are made to this policy statement.

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