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Churchhand Features and Benefits

Churchhand offers tremendous benefits over traditional, desktop-based church management software.

  • Access your data from wherever you need it, whenever you need it
  • The web interface is familar; easy to learn and use
  • Hassle free upgrades; you always have the latest version
  • No expensive hardware requirements
  • No additional maintenance fees
  • Your data is stored securely offsite and receives regular backups

With Churchhand, your congregation will have the ability to:

  • Record detailed information about the individuals and households of your congregation; including names, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, and significant dates.
  • Add an unlimited number of custom fields to your individual records
  • Schedule events and activities using a powerful scheduling tool and view the church calendar in a familiar and easy to read format
  • Manage and communicate with people using flexible groups that you define
  • Send automatic email event reminders to the invited people
  • Record attendance and communion participation for any event
  • Record pledges and financial contributions made by individuals or households and track the information across an unlimited number of funds
  • View and print reports, including custom reports, which cover virtually every aspect of the system
  • Print mailing labels, directories and rosters for the members of any group
  • Provide login access to any member of your congregation and set permissions to control the information they'll be allowed to see
  • Mark certain information as Confidential to limit its visibility
  • Publish the events you define in Churchhand to your own church website
  • and much more...

See for yourself

Take a tour of Churchhand using the online demonstration. You'll have complete access to all the features of the system, although you won't be able to save any changes to the sample database.

Try it, we think you'll like it.

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